Favorites Gen.G eliminated on first day of CoD Champs

The second seed of the tournament has finished top 32.

Call of Duty's Icon George Geddes · 15 Aug 2019


Photo via MLG

One of the favorites to win the Call of Duty Championships 2019 Gen.G has bowed out on the first day, making it one of the most surprising eliminations and one of the biggest upsets in Call of Duty history. 

The American team came second at CWL Anaheim 2019, top four in the CWL Pro League, and finished second at the CWL Playoffs 2019. The team was the second seed going into this tournament. However, Gen.G have now finished top 32 at the CWL Championships, making it the worst performance of the organization's history and the highest seed to lose at the Group stages. 

Gen.G began its dismal performance at the biggest event of the year by losing to amateur team Fuego Gaming 3-2. The first map was extremely close. However, Fuego managed to secure the victory. The maps were back and forth until Fuego won the final Search and Destroy 6-3. 

Then, Gen.G would continue its performance by losing 3-0 to another amateur team, WaR. As Gen.G lost twice with such a poor mapcount, it is now impossible for the team to get out of the group. Therefore, Gen.G was eliminated before even playing against a professional team. 

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According to the CWL casters, the issues in the Gen.G team started before the CWL Championships began. The team reportedly finished 1-17 in map count at the boot-camp. Some have even claimed that the team finished 2-25. 

Issues may have began before the boot-camp. Gen.G has caused controversy after its removal of Michael “SpaceLy” Schmale, who played an inaugural role in ensuring Gen.G’s early success in the Pro League. He was cut from the team, but then re-added and then removed again. 

SpaceLy would play for Mazer Gaming at the CWL Championships on loan from Gen.G. However, his team also finished 0-2 and has been eliminated. 

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