eUnited win CWL Pro League Playoffs, Miami

The North Americans win $500,000.

Call of Duty's Icon George Geddes · 21 Jul 2019


Image via MLG

North American team eUnited has won the CWL Pro League playoffs in Miami, Florida. The team won $500,000 alongside 50,000 pro points. With this win, the legendary Assault-rifle player James “Clayster” Eubanks wins his first tournament in 1,400 days.

The drama began on the first map, Arsenal Hardpoint. During the later stages of the game, Gen.G was looking to come out on top with around a 250-200 win. However, one of the eUnited players crashed during the game, so an entire map replay was called as the map was not technically completed. 

On the second play, Gen.G expressed significant composure as the team took Arsenal Hardpoint convincingly over eUnited, winning 250-123. Dylan "Envoy" Hannon stood out on the first map, with his good form continuing throughout the first series. 

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On the second map Payload Search and Destroy (SND), Gen.G beat eUnited 6-3, with Envoy almost finishing double positive at 11-6. One of the best players in the game Chris "Simp" Lehr went missing for eUnited during the map, finishing 2-8. 

For the third map Arsenal Control, eUnited won the first round convincingly, with Preston "Prestinni" Sanderson gaining streaks after a great start. Then, eUnited continued its momentum, eventually pushing the game to map point after winning both the first and second round. However, Gen.G bounced back, winning two rounds in a row easily. During a round, Gen.G went flawless and didn’t lose a single life. Gen.G finally turned up and won the final round, thereby winning the map and series 3-0. 

As Gen.G fell into the losers bracket, Gen.G had to win two best-of-five matches to take the trophy, whereas eUnited only needed one. 

eUnited came out of the gates strong, winning Seaside Hardpoint 250-119. In the second map, Prestinni went huge for eUnited by killing Envoy in a crucial 2vs1 to win the map 6-4. Finally, eUnited continued its momentum as the team won the first and second rounds of the Control. To complete the 3-0 sweep, eUnited won the final round of the control and therefore won the CWL Pro League Playoffs. 

Both eUnited and Gen.G will be competing in the CWL Championships from August 14-18. 

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