Call of Duty: Modern Warfare new game mode to be revealed

Popular streamers will take to and play the new mode.

Call of Duty's Icon George Geddes · 11 Jul 2019


Image via YouTube

As a part of an advertisement for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, four big streamers will be showing off multiplayer gameplay from the upcoming title. Each streamer will be playing a brand-new gamemode called “Gunfight”.

“Gunfight [is] a new, fast-paced, 2v2 multiplayer mode in #ModernWarfare”, studio developer Infinity Ward twitter alongside the announcement. 

The four streamers that will be participating are: 100 Thieves content creator Jack “CouRage” Dunlop, Call of Duty content creator and vlogger Tom “Syndicate” Cassell, OpTic Gaming Call of Duty team coach Tyler “TeePee” Polchow, and eUnited content creator Jordan “LEGIQN” Payton. 

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The streams will be live concurrently and will begin on July 11 at 10AM PST/1PM ET/6PM BST/ 7PM CEST. 

Studio developers Infinity Ward have yet to release any form of gameplay to the public. The original trailer only portrayed the cinematics, character design, and overall direction of the game. Therefore, this will be the first time viewers will get to see gameplay of Modern Warfare. 

However, there were two missions that the developers showed to press. The first mission was a NAVY Seal Raid set in London. The second was a flashback of rebel fighters in the Middle East.

The developers have claimed that this Call of Duty will be extremely realistic. Meaning that certain aspects of the game may be disturbing, similar to the infamous “No Russian” mission on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 where the player’s goal was to slaughter civilians in an airport whilst character Joseph Allan was undercover. So, we can expect to see gore and some disturbing aspects.

Also, this reveal will give viewers the first look at the brand-new engine that the game is being released on. On PC, players will be able to run the game at 4K with ray tracing.

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