eUnited Simp could miss opening match of CWL Pro League week 12

With a cancelled flight and stormy weather, a road trip may be his only hope.

Call of Duty's Icon NewsBot · 30 Jun 2019


Image via MLG

By George Geddes

Eighteen-year old Chris "Simp" Lehr may miss the opening match due to a flight cancellation and unfavourable weather. The final week of the Call of Duty World League begins on July 1, which Simp may not be able to make on-time. On June 29, he tweeted “flight got canceled and it’s looking slow.”

However, there could still be hope for eUnited fans, as Simp could catch a car ride to the venue with his girlfriend. The drive is apparently six or seven hours long, so time will tell as to whether Simp will make it to his scheduled games or not. 

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Simp was brought to the team through eUnited’s ‘cadet’ system, which acts as a youth team. The aim was each player on the team would eventually become talented Call of Duty professionals, whether this be on eUnited’s roster or sold to another team. Simp played extremely well, and was promoted to the main team’s starting lineup on March 19. 

The young phenom has been prominent in the rebirth of eUnited since the removal of Jordan “JKap” Kaplan. At the recent CWL London, Simp obtained the highest kill/death ratio (1.35) out of every player, while also finishing with the overall highest rating. If Simp can’t make it to the venue in time, it’s a huge loss to eUnited. 

The immediate loss of Simp would result in a vacant position on the roster, meaning ex-professional player and eUnited coach Brice "Faccento" Faccento would automatically fill the spot, as he is eUnited’s substitute. Faccento officially retired on March 6, but is still considered to be a talented professional player.

For week 12 of the Call of Duty World League, eUnited will be playing against Team Reciprocity, Gen.G, Midnight, and OpTic Gaming.

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