eUnited finishes CWL Pro League 2019 with a perfect second split

Along the way to taking first in the league, they even get revenge on 100 Thieves.

Call of Duty's Icon Michael Hassall · 7 Jun 2019


Image via Astrogaming

eUnited defeated Heretics in their final match of the current Call of Duty World League Pro League split, ending the second part of the season without a single defeat.

eUnited’s 7-0 record for this half is only matched by OpTic Gaming, who finished first in CWL Division A. What’s more, with a 15-3 record for the entire season, eU also finished with the best record in the league, putting them in position to claim part of the $710,000 prize pool.

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The CWL Pro League’s unique format pits teams in the A and B divisions against each other in the first half of the season, but teams only play against their own division in the second half.

For eU, the win helped heal their wounds from CWL London, where the team lost a heart breaker to 100 Thieves. On the way to claiming their final victory, eU got some revenge on 100T, defeating their rivals in their penultimate game and relegating them to second place in CWL Division B.

Greater challenges still lie ahead for the team. Due to another quirk of the CWL’s format, eU has yet to play cross-division rivals OpTic, and several other top teams in league play, including Gen.G and Team Reciprocity. Their next test against these teams will come at CWL Anaheim 2019, on June 14.


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