Black Ops patch 1.18 brings summer cheer to Call of Duty

Why risk a sunburn if you can throw water balloons in Black Ops instead?

Call of Duty's Icon Alexander Lee · 4 Jun 2019


Image via Activision Blizzard

The Days of Summer event, CoD’s annual post-Memorial Day update, has hit Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. This time around, the event is packaged alongside Black Ops patch 1.18 and includes new weapons, new outfits, and a few novel game modes.

New weapons

The latest patch introduces six previously-unused weapons to Multiplayer mode, including the brand-new S6 Stingray, Vendetta, Locus, and Grav. Meanwhile, the Peacekeeper has returned from Black Ops II, and the Ballistic Knife was reintroduced (for PlayStation users) after making its last appearance in Black Ops III.

New game modes

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The most unique new game mode is Ground War, a Blackout mode that pits teams of 50 players against each other in a no-holds-barred bloodbath. In Ground War, friendly fire is disabled, and players can revive any downed players on their 50-man team, so there’s no reason to hold oneself back from running head-on into the fray. The Blackout map has also been updated to reflect the end of the patch 1.17 flood.

In addition to the new Blackout mode, the new patch reintroduced Capture the Flag to Call of Duty as a Featured Playlist on PS4. Users battle to defeat the enemy team by capturing three of their flags in a round or securing the most captures by the end of the round. Many CoD heads will be satisfied to see the return of this fan-favorite game mode, which was last seen in Call of Duty: WWII.

New outfits

The Days of Summer event features a slew of seasonal outfits, with Hawaiian shirts and candy-colored hairdos reminiscent of some of Fortnite’s more subdued offerings. These aesthetic updates mesh well with other easter eggs included in the patch, such as the throwable water balloons strewn around the Blackout map.

The highlights above are only a fraction of the new content that has come to Black Ops 4 in the latest update. Other cool additions include the beloved Grind skatepark map from Black Ops II and new Zombies content such as the Labours of Hercules Gauntlet. Check out Treyarch’s full patch notes for a detailed breakdown of this fresh summer content.

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