H3CZ update on OpTic buyout: "Just know that I'm trying ... until the final 'no.'"

OpTic CEO affirms his intentions to retain control of the organization.

Call of Duty's Icon Alexander Lee · 21 May 2019


Photo via @OpTicH3CZ

Embattled OpTic Gaming CEO Hector “H3CZ” Rodriguez has reaffirmed his intent to fight as hard as he can to maintain control of his organization. According to recent reports, OpTic’s parent company, Infinite Esports & Entertainment, is on the cusp of a buyout by Immortals.

“I have to put all of my efforts and focus on the task at hand,” wrote H3CZ in a follow-up tweet, promising fans that his daily vlogs and podcast, Eavesdrop, would return next week.

H3CZ met with executives from both Immortals and Infinite last week in order to determine his future with OpTic following a theoretical Immortals buyout. Sources close to Immortals stated that the company wants H3CZ to stay on as CEO of the OpTic brand, taking a hands-on approach to day-to-day operations and managing the organization’s Call of Duty team.

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H3CZ’s tweets today are his first public statements regarding the Immortals buyout, and they appear to indicate his discomfort with the current state of the purchase. However, he does not specify exactly what he is “trying” to accomplish with regard to the deal.

The statement is certainly encouraging to OpTic fans, who have flooded H3CZ’s Twitter mentions with requests that he call off the deal, pleas for further information, and desperate #GreenWall hashtags since the news broke last week.

“Know that my commitment to my teammates and the #Greenwall remains true,” wrote H3CZ.

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