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COD Mobile is kicking February off with a bang, revealing tons of new content. In a new Reddit post, the community learned of multiple pieces of content and events coming soon to the game. The most exciting of these may be the new map, Cage, which does not yet have a release date. However, this is the first map designed specifically for COD Mobile. Every other map in the game has been pulled from other maps in the Call of Duty series.

Let’s dive in and check out everything coming to COD Mobile in the near future.

Cage, other events arriving in COD Mobile

As pictured above, Cage looks to be a tight-knit map that closely follows the design of other maps in COD Mobile. Again, there is no release date as of yet, but the developers say to “keep your eyes peeled.” So, we should see more information on the map fairly soon.

Also revealed in the Reddit post are the new events coming or already in the game. Here’s a full list of what’s coming and taking place right now:

  • 1/20 – 2/9 ~ Lunar Festival Events
  • 1/27 – 2/2 ~ Sticks & Stones Mode
  • 1/31 – 2/6 ~ Prop Hunt mode returns!
  • 1/31 – 2/13 ~ XS1 Goliath Scorestreak challenge
  • 2/3 – 2/9 ~ BR Sniper Challenge mode

Most of the content is already in COD Mobile, but the BR Sniper Challenge mode is returning on Monday. This mode only allows players to use snipers to eliminate enemies and secure the win. In addition to that mode, we’ve also received more information on the Lunar Festival event. The developers recognized that some aspects of the event were pay-to-win, so they’re taking that feedback and applying it to future events.

That’s all of the new content coming to COD Mobile. The next big update for the game should feature the arrival of Cage, so we’ll keep you updated on when that’s coming!