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The content additions for COD Mobile Season 12 keep on coming, as the developers have revealed the weaponry for the installment. Yesterday, a new battle royale class and Operator Skill was revealed but new weapons are simply more exciting. Unlike seasons past, the Season 12 update will introduce two new guns to the fold. The AGR 5.56 (AUG) and .50GS (Desert Eagle) are both arriving sometime this week. At this time, it’s unclear when the update will come through, as the developers have only stated ‘later this week’.

COD Mobile Season 12 patch notes reveal two new weapons

While the developers haven’t posted the official patch notes, the Garena page for COD Mobile looks to have published the notes ahead of schedule. The site lists everything coming to Season 12, including a slew of bug fixes and cosmetic additions with the Battle Pass.

However, the notes also included the two aforementioned weapons, which were previously unknown. The two weapons are the AUG and Desert Eagle, both of which come from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Like Hackney Yard and the two new Operators, Activision continues to do into MW‘s content for Season 12.

cod mobile season 12 adding the AUG
The AUG was a fairly popular weapon in Modern Warfare. Image via Activision

While both weapons are arriving with the new season, they’re unlocked in different ways. It appears the AUG will be unlockable through the Battle Pass as a free tier. The Desert Eagle, on the other hand, is a part of a seasonal mission. Presumably, players will need to complete various challenges in order to unlock the pistol.

COD Mobile Season 12 is set to go live later this week but an official date is still unknown. However, whenever it does drop, it seems the AUG will be the only new weapon up for grabs. The .50GS will likely be available later on in the season.

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