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COD Mobile is never short on leaks and new content, as the game continues to pump out updates. With the game’s popularity at all-time high thanks to Prop Hunt, now is the perfect time to capitalize on that momentum with a slew of new skins. Tencent is certainly not shy about releasing weapon camos, as evidenced by the latest leak. According to data-miners, over a dozen new skins will arrive in COD Mobile sooner rather than later. Included in these camos are animated lava skins for multiple weapons. Let’s hop in and take a look at each of them.

Animated lava skin in COD Mobile

In the Zombies mode, players already have access to a lava skin for their weapons. However, the new leaks show an animated lava skin that will apparently arrive in standard multiplayer. Below you can see a screenshot of just a couple of the leaked weapons featuring the skin. Credit to Call of Duty Mobile Leaks on YouTube for the screenshots and information.

COD Mobile lava skin leak

COD Mobile lava skin leak

Above, we can see the Magnum and RPD showcased with the new lava skin. In the video, they don’t appear to be animated, but according to the leaks, the skins will be animated when in-game. It’s unclear how many weapons will receive this skin or when it will arrive.

Other leaked skins

Along with the lava skin, there are a plethora of other leaked skins supposedly coming to COD Mobile. In total, the leaks tell us that 12 new skins are at least in the game’s files. Whether or not all of these camos will make it into the game is another story.

We won’t showcase all 12 skins, but here are a few of our favorites from the batch:

COD Mobile weapon camos

COD weapon camos

COD Mobile weapon camos

There’s a ton of variety in the leaked skins. With both classic Call of Duty skins alongside new, modern takes, if even half of these camos make it into COD Mobile, the community should be thrilled. But remember, these are just leaks, so take everything you’ve seen with a grain of salt.

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