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After two weeks of teasers and anticipation, COD Mobile has officially launched Season 11. The one-year anniversary celebration is now underway and fans can get their hands on all of the new content. While most of it was already divulged by the developers, there are a few surprises in the update to come later down the line. One of these surprises is the Alcatraz map coming to the battle royale mode. Famed for its hectic action, Alcatraz is already a fan-favorite map. Let’s check out what else Season 11 has on offer.

COD Mobile Season 11 content

Perhaps the biggest surprise from the update is the addition of “The Club” in COD Mobile. An interactive social space, The Club lets players take part in mini-games, meet other players, and even take on some NPC missions. Also, you’re able to pick from one of four soundtracks to listen to while in The Club and even earn Coins to spend on various rewards in COD Mobile.

cod mobile season 11
Image via Activision

Moving on — another surprise is in store for fans, as the Alcatraz map is being introduced for a limited time. Only available during Season 11, Alcatraz is a second map in the battle royale mode. Things get pretty crazy on this tiny map, so be prepared for nonstop action if you choose to hop in.

Finally, COD Mobile is introducing a slew of new gameplay content and cosmetics. You can see what that new content is below.

  • New Battle Pass (Free and Premium)
  • Advanced UAV Scorestreak
  • Fennec SMG
  • Character skins (Spectre – Pixel Spy, Reaper – Premium, Zero – Nebula, and Scylla – Future Vice)
  • King map
  • Halloween Standoff map
  • Cranked game mode
  • 10v10 Kill Confirmed game mode
  • Tactician Perk (coming later)
  • New Ranked Series rewards

Besides the new content, a plethora of bug fixes and additional tuning were introduced. You can read about all of that on COD Mobile‘s website.

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