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Between Activision slowly revealing information surrounding Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer and leakers letting fans in on what they know, the community has had a lot of new details to sift through the past few days.

While today was mainly about Activision revealing more details around Call of Duty Next and the beta, one leaker didn’t take today off either. According to this reputable insider, a fan-favorite Call of Duty sniper rifle will be returning in Modern Warfare 2.

Lynx sniper rifle may return to Call of Duty

The insider who teased this latest leak is @TheGhostOfHope, who is rarely incorrect about information they post. According to the trusted source, the Lynx sniper rifle will be included in some capacity when MW2 releases. TheGhostOfHope didn’t let fans in on any additional details — they simply showed a real-life image of the Lynx. However, the leaker did mention that the image of the sniper was from CoD Ghosts and Advanced Warfare.

The Lynx was one of the most beloved sniper rifles in CoD Ghosts specifically. However, it was also a highly-used weapon in Advanced Warfare. The Lynx is a semi-automatic sniper that dealt upwards of 100 damage per shot in Ghosts, with a headshot dealing 50% more damage. In Advanced Warfare, the Lynx dealt less damage per shot, though it could still one-shot kill enemies with a headshot.

It’s unclear what version of the Lynx Modern Warfare 2 could see. Of course, since Infinity Ward — the developers of MW2 — developed Ghosts, it’s likely that they would revisit that game’s version rather than the one from Advanced Warfare.

It should be noted that with the Lynx being a semi-automatic sniper rifle, its existence in MW2 presumably doesn’t affect something like the Intervention or MSR from also returning. Both of those weapons have either been leaked or seen throughout a previous trailer for MW2. Since both of those snipers are bolt-action, they would slide in alongside the Lynx in the sniper rifle class, if they are in fact in the game.

We’ll have to wait for more official information during Call of Duty Next and in the PlayStation beta this weekend.

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