COD leaker cryptically mentions when Modern Warfare II could be teased
Modern Warfare II
Modern Warfare II may start being teased soon | Provided by Activision

COD leaker cryptically mentions when Modern Warfare II could be teased

The next installment of Call of Duty

The summer means several things for Call of Duty fans, but one of the most important is the reveal of the next title in the series. While Activision waits longer to reveal the new game than fans would like, leakers have provided a bridge in previous years. One way or another, these leakers receive inside information and tell their communities what they’ve heard. Recently, a reputable insider in the community, @RalphsValve, tweeted out a cryptic countdown timer leading up to April 30. It’s believed that this countdown is in reference to when Activision will begin to tease Modern Warfare II.

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The publishers have confirmed that the game is releasing later this year is a sequel to Modern Warfare 2019 and is being developed by the same developer, Infinity Ward. It’s also confirmed that Modern Warfare II will be the first Call of Duty title to have a two-year life cycle. Activision announced it would not be releasing a new mainstream title in 2023.

Modern Warfare II teaser date confirmed?

In RalphsValve’s tweet, they mention that fans shouldn’t expect a full reveal on April 30. However, they do give some information on when fans can expect the reveal. “Let me preface this by saying, the Reveal is still set for May,” RalphsValve tweeted.

Before that, they said “April 30th.” It would seem that this specific date will release some kind of teaser. What that teaser will be is unknown, but we can speculate based on previous years.

Fans can most likely expect the teaser to appear in either Warzone or through the official Call of Duty social media accounts. Warzone has been home to many Call of Duty teasers over the past two years and it’d be surprising to see things change this year.

Activision could also send out items to content creators that hint at when the full reveal will take place or what will happen inside of Warzone. This has been a popular route for the publishers to take in the lead up to a new game’s release.

After April 30, fans should expect a reveal trailer, which likely won’t contain much gameplay, to occur sometime in May. Of course, things are still subject to change, if RalphsValve’s current information is correct.

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