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Cloud9 head coach Alfonso “Mithy” Aguirre Rodríguez spoke about the struggles the team has faced since the summer split began.

Cloud9 has been inconsistent since coming back from their impressive performance at the Mid-Season Invitational in Iceland. Since returning to North America to begin the League of Legends Championship Series, Cloud9 is tied at 4-4 in their matches. They have lost to Golden Guardians, 100 Thieves, and recently to Evil Geniuses and Immortals. After a successful 3-0 finish to Week 2, things have fallen for the team that used to be first in North America.

“The first game [against Evil Geniuses] was a complete disaster,” stated Mithy. “We were just unfocused and not communicating properly or listening to each other. The game was lost in the first four minutes… Today [against Immortals] I think was honestly my fault. The draft was really hard to play, and it wasn’t very good in general.”

Mithy went on to explain Immortal’s draft allowed them to make plays easily while Cloud9’s draft was hard to capitalize on advantages. After losing to Evil Geniuses, Cloud9 also lost their second game to Immortals to start the weekend off down 0-2.

Cloud9 have to overcome TSM to pull back the weekend

Cloud9 and TSM have been long-term rivals in the League of Legends scene. The two teams have battled it out for LCS titles for years and continue to be rivals to date. With Cloud9 starting the third week of LCS with two losses, they will have to defeat TSM to earn a win. The former LCS 2021 spring split champions have yet to lose all three games in one weekend. They came close during Week 1 where they finished 1-2 after a close victory against Team Liquid. However, if they fail to win against TSM on Sunday, they will have their first winless weekend of summer.

“It might just be like Week 1 where if we win the last game, we’ll be happy,” said Mithy. “That is our main goal right now [to win]. We have learned some good lessons so far and it just sucks that we are playing best of ones. One loss feels like the whole day is doomed when maybe you could have won if it was a best-of series.”