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Popular LEC team G2 Esports is saying goodbye to their top, long-time player Luka “Perkz” Perković as he leaves for Cloud9. The organization announced the news early on Tuesday, stating that is it the “End of an Era.” The famed bot-laner is set to take over the Cloud9 mid lane.

In a letter to Perkz, the organization thanked him for the time spent with the team. “Perkz has grown from an Outstanding Rookie into one of the greatest players to ever grace League of Legends.” The 22-year old bot-laner began playing with G2 in the EUCS Summer 2015, and continued on to this year’s World Championship. So far, he holds eight EU titles, MSI 2019, and has participated in Worlds five times. Overall, his impressive track history is nothing short of legendary as he’s carried G2 to first place multiple times since joining.

Reuniting with Zven and the mid lane

Perkz leaving G2 sparked an emotional rollercoaster for many League of Legends fans. Many casters, analysts, and pros shared the same emotions as G2 posted a video montage of Perkz’ time with the team. Soon after, Perkz shared that he looks forward to dominating with his next team. Being the most decorated player in EU, his departure from G2 is definitely going to leave some uncertainty for the team going forward.

Cloud9 will also reunite Perkz with former teammate Jesper “Zven” Svenningsen. Together, they won multiple titles including the EU LCS 2016 Spring and Summer Playoffs as well as the 2017 Summer Playoffs. He’ll also be going back to his old ways as a mid-laner, a position is originally started out with.

Additionally, according to esports journalist Jacob Wolf, the buyout is just shy of $5 million, a hefty price for the top EU player.

G2 has not yet disclosed who will fill Perkz’ spot. As Free Agency period begins, fans are expecting more announcements to come about very soon. Stick with Daily Esports for more League of Legends news and updates.