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After a back and forth series, Cloud9 have taken down 100 Thieves to make it to their first LCS finals since Spring 2021. C9 had a good start to the series and only faltered in Game 2. With this win, C9 lock in a top two finish in the LCS summer split and group stage at Worlds 2022.

As the fifth seed from the regular season, C9 started from the upper bracket quarter finals against CLG; then won against Evil Geniuses before facing 100 Thieves.

How Cloud9 locked in their LCS final appearance

The series kicked off with a very close game between the two teams. 100T set the tempo and looked like they were gradually taking controlling the game with the Azir mid lane. However, C9 fought their way back in with a perfect reengage from Robert “Huang” Blaber’s Wukong. C9 swung the late  game in their favor after taking the Cloud Soul. However, they still had to be wary of 100T picking them off in side lanes. 100T looked to turn the game back in their favour with the elder dragon fight, but the fight did not matter as Jensen singlehandedly ended the game with a deep mid lane teleport.

Game 2 was a much different game as Cloud9 kicked off the early game with two kills. Even though 100T prioritized an early game draft with the Kalista-Thresh bot lane, it was C9 that got the better trades early on. 100T kept themselves in the game after stacking three dragons and putting pressure on C9 to fight the Ocean Soul. While C9 was able to stop their first attempt, 100T eventually claimed the Ocean soul after wiping out the entire C9 team from the map. 100T  took control of the game and closed out it after a good engage from Amumu led to the fall of the full C9 team.

C9 LoL roster
Cloud9 Win, advance to LCS finals| Image provided by LCS Twitter

Game 3 was the first one sided game of the series with C9 in control from start to finish. 100T returned to blue side for a must win Game 4 but decided not to prioritize Azir. Instead, they went with a Seraphine mid lane. Meanwhile C9 stole the Azir for themselves and brought out Nilah for bot lane. Game 4 started like Game 2 with C9 getting early control and 100 Thieves finding a way back in the game. However, the Azir and Nilah duo from C9 was enough to obliterate 100T in the late elder dragon fight.

100T will have a chance to fight for a third consecutive final appearance again and rematch C9. They will play the winners of Evil Geniuses versus Team Liquid on Sept. 10.

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