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In the second Worlds 2021 group stage qualification match, Cloud9 dismantled the Oceania representatives PEACE in an uneventful 3-0 sweep. With Day 4 of Worlds 2021 giving fans two fantastic best-of-five series, the law of averages meant that Day 5 had to deliver two boring ones.

Cloud9 sweep PEACE to qualify for the Worlds 2021 group stage

PCE managed to survive a five-game thriller against RED Canids yesterday. That series even caused RED Canids to sub out their rookie phenom mid-laner, Daniel “Grevthar” Xavier for their old-veteran Adriano “Avenger” Perassoli. Despite the series going to five games, PCE outclassed their CBLOL opponents.

However, they were not able to outclass Cloud9 in this series. And they definitely were not going to make C9 sub out their mid lane superstar, Luka “Perkz” Perković.

With that said, PCE did come out swinging in Game 1, managing to grab an early game lead. For a little bit, it seemed that Cloud9’s Worlds 2021 play-in stage woes would continue. C9 were put into this situation after choking back-to-back games to finish the round-robin phase of the play-in stage. C9 lost to the winless Unicorns of Love to set up a tiebreaker against League of Legends Japan League reps, DetonatioN FocusMe. They lost that game too. With it, Cloud9 were thrust into this qualification match.

But unlike their horrible end to group play, C9 were able to right the ship. They closed out Game 1 in 34 minutes. Games 2 and 3 didn’t last anywhere near that long. Despite a very bloody early game that saw both teams combine for more than a kill per minute, C9 remained in control the entire time. They captured a 13,000 gold lead by the twenty-minute mark and ended the game shortly after at the 23-minute mark.

Each game got progressively worse for PCE, but Game 3 was ugly. In a near-perfect game, C9 smashed through PCE as they beat their previous record of a 13,000 gold lead by twenty minutes with a 13,000 gold lead at 17 minutes. In fact, the game didn’t even get to the twenty-minute mark. With a scoreline of 19 kills to one, C9 knocked down PCE’s nexus in 19 minutes and 27 seconds. The win gave C9 the 3-0 sweep and the final spot in the Worlds 2021 group stage.

C9 will be joining Rogue, FunPlus Phoenix and the defending Worlds 2020 champions, DWG KIA in group A. As for PCE, their run at Worlds 2021 is now over.