CLOL Championship 2022 to be played on LAN for first time in two years
CLOL 2022 Championship
CLOL 2022 Championship returns to LAN | Provided by Riot Games

CLOL Championship 2022 to be played on LAN for first time in two years

The Top 8 onwards will be played live at the LCS Studio in California.

After a two-year absence, the College League of Legends Championship will finally crown a champion in person, the organization announced on Thursday. With the CLOL Championship 2022 ready to kick off its Top 32, the quarterfinals onward will be played live in Los Angeles at the LCS Studio. The last time the top eight of the CLOL season was played live in person was in 2019. Maryville University took down Western University in a clean 3-0 sweep. Both teams are back in this year’s bracket.

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Just like in 2019, the teams that make it into the quarterfinals will have their trips compensated by Riot Games, including flights, accommodations, and on-site meals for their rosters. With that said, Riot Games also announced that any team that did not feel comfortable traveling due to the ongoing pandemic does not need to fly out to California. They can instead choose to compete remotely “no questions asked.”

For the teams that do plan on flying out for the in-person finals, Riot said it is taking special precautions to make sure that everyone stays healthy. At the start of each day, all players and staff will be tested for COVID-19. This will happen when they arrive at the studio. Also, if a player tests positive while in Los Angeles, they will have a chance to play from their hotel room. A PC will be provided for them if they are healthy enough to do so.

Although this is the first time since 2019 that teams will be competing on LAN for the event, Riot is not sure on having a live audience yet. In the press release, Riot said that they are still evaluating the situation but will have an update after the Round of 16 ends.

The Round of 32 is set to kick off on Saturday, April 23.

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