CLG's Dhokla wins Champions Queue Split 2
CLG Dhokla Champions Queue Split 2

CLG’s Dhokla wins Champions Queue Split 2

Cloud9's Zven and Dhokla's teammate, Breezy, make up the rest of the podium

The second-ever split of the newly established “Champions Queue” has wrapped up on Tuesday, and Counter Logic Gaming’s Niship “Dhokla” Doshi has taken the crown as the best player on the ladder.

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Dhokla amassed 785 LP in 197 games, which comfortably gave him the number one spot. Cloud9’s Jesper “Zven” Svenningsen was the closest player to Dhokla with 200 less LP at 560. Dhokla’s teammate Brindon “Breezy” Keesey rounded out the podium with 495 LP. As a result, League of Legends Academy players comprised the entire top three.

Due to his placement this split, Dhokla is now tied with Zven for first in Season Points, with 70. He will also take home $12,000 for finishing first in Split 2.

Dhokla is currently the top laner for CLG Academy. During the NA Academy 2022 Spring split, Dhokla helped lead CLG to a first-place finish with an impressive 23-13 game record. This result granted them the first overall seed in the LCS Proving Grounds 2022 Spring tournament.

Unfortunately for CLG Academy, they crashed and burned by being eliminated in just the third round, finishing seventh. Yet, that didn’t stop Dhokla from performing in Champions Queue and logging the most games of anyone on the server by a margin of 35. Breezy, meanwhile, logged the second most games with 162.

CLG, as an organization, played more Champions Queue than any of the other nine organizations in the LCS. However, Cloud9 edged out CLG with total LP gained despite playing 50 fewer games.

Champions Queue itself faced some controversy throughout Split 2. After a successful Split 1, the number of games played in Split 2 plummeted. Many players did not play many games on the low-ping, exclusive server designed to give players high-level practice.

In fact, some players didn’t play any Champions Queue games at all in Split 2. Some notable players that didn’t touch the server during the past month include Cloud9’s Ibrahim “Fudge” Allami, Dignitas QNTMPAY’s Ersin “Blue” Gören and TSM’s Heo “Huni” Seung-hoon. One of the players who has been the most vocal about Champions Queue, Kim “Olleh” Joo-sung, previously said that Riot Games is planning on making some changes for Split 3 despite not knowing the specific details.

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