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On July 12, CLG posted, deleted and quickly apologized for a video featuring a behind the scenes discussion of their roster’s struggles in the League of Legends Championship Series.

Originally, CLG posted a video on the Twitter account of their general manager, Daniel “Tafokints” Lee, talking to the players about their recent performance. In the one minute video, Tafokints said based on recent performances, there will likely be changes to the starting roster.

“I am exploring options,” Tafokints said. “So this might be the last time that we have this roster of five playing.”

“”This might be the last time that we have this roster of five playing” – @tafokints On the @BudLightGaming Cooldown we take you behind the scenes of a private team meeting. #LCS #CLGFIGHTING,” the official CLG tweet read, as posted at 12 p.m. ET on Monday.

“I know that each one of you guys all worked real hard, and its hard for me I love each one of you guys,” Tafokints said in the video. “You guys are all like my brothers. Just want to respect you guys as much as I can, but understanding that it just isn’t working for the team.”

The general manager also said the moves come after a disappointing Week 6 in the League of Legends Champions Series. CLG went 1-2, defeating TSM but also falling to FlyQuest and Dignitas. CLG is currently tied with Golden Guardians for 10th place with 10-26 records. The team is currently riding off of wins from the spring split since posting a 5-13 summer split record, which is the worst summer record across the league. Eight teams qualify for playoffs this split, and if CLG continue with their current form, they could miss the playoffs for the third split in a row.

CLG deletes tweet and posts apologizes over an hour later

The organization deleted the tweet after backlash from the community and then posted an apology.

“This morning we published a short post-game video giving a look at behind the scenes of our current season. Our goal was to share an authentic moment with out fans and be as transparent as possible leading up to potential changes that may occur this week. We recognize the negative light that it brings to our players, and for that we apologize and have taken down the video,” the statement said.

No changes to CLG’s starting lineup have been announced as of this article’s publication.