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Riot Games announced that the Clash tournament mode will be returning to the League of Legends testing server for a short period. Current League players who have completed their ranked placements and have higher than a two-honor score can create their own teams today. Players will be able to edit their teams Aug. 19 – 23. Then beginning on Aug. 24, two days of tournaments on the testing server will be opened up.

No ticket will be required to play during the two-day testing period. Players who help test the Clash mode will receive a variety of in-game cosmetic items like loot boxes, icons, and victory points. Victory points can be used to unlock in-game banners and team logos.

Two-day testing period

During the two-day trial testing period, there will be a rolling bracket. What this means is that teams will be able to lock in at any time and be placed into a bracket as soon as available. This way, there isn’t an exact time that everyone is required to log in at, so more players can participate in Clash. Also instead of the prior one three-day tournament, there will be two separate one-day instances.

“This significantly reduces the complexity of the tournaments, making it easier to repair brackets or matches that end up breaking for whatever reason,” wrote Riot Games in the release. “There will be 8-team brackets on both days, and your team can enter on one or both days.”

Tournaments will be less complex in the format mentioned. There will also be a new Clash feature implemented named “Bracket Recoverability.” The bracket repair tech will help fix issues that are brought up during a tournament. For example, if an opponent disconnects during a match, another team can be substituted into the bracket. This is to fix game-breaking issues in prior Clash testing where opposing teams disconnected.

League of Legends Clash mode

Clash is League‘s tournament mode for teams. Teams will battle enemies on the same skill level in a bracket system. The five teammates, team name/tag, and logo will stay the same throughout the tournament. After being locked into a bracket, each team has seven minutes to scout the opponent to see their win rates, KDA, champions with the highest mastery, and Clash match history.

Each Clash game follows the draft format commonly seen in the League of Legends Championship Series with the ban and pick phases. Measures are implemented to prevent players from using Smurfs in Clash as well to keep tournaments fair. Trophies earned through Clash will sit in the Nexus by players’ Summoner’s Rifts for two weeks.