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With 2019 coming to a close shortly, Call of Duty League organizations are starting to recruit more personnel. While every team has a set starting roster, not every squad has a coaching staff or substitutes. However, as the first CDL match is about a month and a half away, teams have enough information to start adding personnel. The Seattle Surge and Atlanta FaZe have recently added to their staff and roster, and now the Chicago Huntsmen joins them. Though Chicago has a stacked roster, they have yet to announce a coach or any substitutes. Now, however, they have announced that they’ve signed an Analyst focusing on Search and Destroy.

Chicago signs a Search and Destroy expert

If you watch any Modern Warfare on Twitch, then chances are you’ve heard of Chicago’s newest Analyst. John “x2Pac_ThuGLorD” Hartley was revealed to be the Analyst for the Huntsmen with an introduction video on Twitter.

If you’re unfamiliar with 2Pac, he’s a very popular Twitch streamer who is currently the 8th most-watched Modern Warfare channel. He has been around Call of Duty since the beginning, being one of the pioneers of the online tournament scene.

2Pac is arguably one of the top Search and Destroy players in Modern Warfare. Every night he goes live, the Carolina native wins tournament after tournament. Chicago will be able to use his knowledge of the game and Search and Destroy very effectively. Chicago already has some of the top Search and Destroy players, and 2Pac brings an extra level of expertise. It’s hard to see anyone but maybe the Dallas Empire defeating Chicago in Search and Destroy.

The Huntsmen have yet to announce a head coach or any substitutes. However, there are some rumors as to who they are interested in. It’s highly unlikely Chicago will head into 2020 without a coach or subs, so look out for that news soon.

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