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Patch 9.16 is shaping up to be Teamfight Tactics’ biggest content release to date. Aside from the brand new Hextech origin and corresponding champions, Riot is dropping three new Little Legends. The new Little Legends are named Hushtail, Paddlemar, and Protector. You can see them in the official preview video below. They should also be available to use right away on the Teamfight Tactics PBE.

Another Silverwing situation?

As with the current roster of Little Legends, the new guys will have their own animations and sounds. And in the official announcement of their release, Riot points out they are useful for taunting your opponents. Hopefully none of them will make an overly obnoxious noise, like one particular Little Legend we love to hate.

In any case, the three new Little Legends will come with their own unique sets of skins. Each comes with five variants, like Monarch Hushtail and Fierce Protector.

Changes to current Little Legends

The announcement also mentions that these new Little Legends – collectively called Series 3 – have a slightly different visual feel. They are designed with different visual effects, which should make them “cooler and sparklier,” according to Riot. If the community likes the new style, the studio may go back and update Little Legends from the current roster. To preview what this update might look like, Riot has already adjusted Silverwing in the PBE.

Teamfight Tactics little legends new

The new Little Legends will arrive on August 14, when patch 9.16 drops. It is not clear yet whether their base variants will become available to players right away, but Riot will almost certainly lock the variant skins behind progression levels. So get ready to level up the new Battle Pass and open more eggs. Until then, you can check them out on the PBE servers, where they are already available.

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