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The next event for League of Legends is starting on Aug 1. Ahead of the start of the Project event, Riot has made several changes will go live with patch 9.15 to make the pass more rewarding for Teamfight Tactics players.

A quick breakdown of the Project pass

The price of the Project event pass is expected to be 1650 RP, the same as past events’ have been. This event pass will give you the following:

  • An icon
  • Four Project orbs
  • 200 Project tokens
  • Extra tokens per game (more on this later)
  • Additional missions for XP/BE/Prestige points.

There will also be 5 different skins added to the game with the release of the project event:

  • Project Warwick (1350 RP)
  • Prestige Project Irelia / Project Irelia (1350 RP)
  • Project Akali (1350 RP)
  • The Legendary skin Project Pyke (1820 RP)
  • Project Jinx (1350 RP)

Changes for the Project event pass

There are several changes being made for the Project event pass and events going forward. The focus of these changes is to include Teamfight Tactics into the event and allow players to play the game they want while earning progress towards their event pass. The first change for Teamfight Tactics is that the games you place 4th or higher will now count towards the pass’s first win of the day.

Further, Teamfight Tactics games will now work for the prestige point missions. Top 4 will earn you 5 points towards the mission, like a win in League of Legends would. And 5-8th places will earn you two points, just as a loss would. Additionally, the event tokens will now be based on your final placement, rather than the 6 tokens per win.

  • 10 tokens for 1st/2nd
  • 8 tokens for 3rd/4th
  • 6 tokens for 5th/6th
  • 4 tokens for 7th/8th

These are all the changes coming in patch 9.15 for the project event. For more League of Legends news, be sure to check out Pantheon’s upcoming rework!

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