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Following the Teamfight Tactics PBE updates surrounding healing from earlier today, Riot Mort, one of the main developers, confirmed further upcoming changes headed to the PBE soon.

Changes to the Assassin’s trait

Riot Mort’s first tweet concerned a buff to the Assassin trait. These changes should go live tomorrow, Aug 17, on the Teamfight Tactics PBE. Riot Mort claims these changes are not an increase in overall damage output. However, they should make the Assassin trait more consistent.

This change becomes interesting, though, when combined with an item in Teamfight Tactics, Infinity Edge. Infinity Edge increases the carrier’s critical hit damage by 200%. As Riot Mort further confirms in a reply, this is a huge and intentional buff to the item and the Assassin trait.

Another scenario where this change in trait becomes important is for Akali. Akali is one of the few champions in Teamfight Tactics who can get a critical hit on her ability. This change to the Assassin trait should result in a huge overall buff to the champion.

The potential Nobles rework

Another tweet by Riot Mort, in reply to the Teamfight Tactics streamer Saintvicious on Twitter, all but confirms plans for an upcoming change to the Nobles trait. While Nobles recently received a small nerf on the PBE, more changes are on the way (hopefully).

Tooltip updates for Teamfight Tactics in 9.17

In other related news, Wesley “SmashGizmo” Ruttle, one of Riot’s Game Designers, recently posted about the upcoming tooltip improvements for various champions, including damage calculations for all champions’ abilities. Wesley stated that this update is intended to go live with the 9.17 patch on Aug 28.

For more of Teamfight Tactics, be sure to check out the recent PBE changes surrounding Grievous Wounds and other healing items. Also, we recently covered Teamfight Tactics’ newest champion, Pantheon, who is now live for testing on the PBE.