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Evil Geniuses mid laner Joseph “Jojopyun” Joon Pyun ended the first Champions Queue split in first place with 885LP after hovering between first and second for the majority of the split. In addition to the bragging rights and prestige that comes with topping the Champions Queue leaderboards, as well as points that will carry over into the next split, Jojopyun will also be awarded $12,000 in recognition of this accomplishment.

Despite Evil Geniuses’ rocky progression in the League of Legends Championship Series spring regular season, the hype around Jojopyun won’t be dying down anytime soon. The rookie mid laner has played the most Champions Queue out of all players and has been a known monster on the server in terms of his performance since it was first released.

Spring season Split 1 results

The ladder has been locked for Split 1 of Champions Queue. While we do not yet know how the rest of the $40,000 Split 1 prize pool will be distributed, we do know where the rest of North America’s best ended up on the Champions Queue ladder. Here’s a list of the top 10 performers from Split 1 of the Champions Queue spring season.

  1.  Jojopyun (Evil Geniuses, Mid) – 885LP
  2.  Kim “Olleh” Joo-sung (Golden Guardians, Support) – 800LP
  3. Muhammed Hasan “Kaori” Şentürk (Evil Geniuses Academy, Bot) – 780LP
  4. Jett “Srtty” Joye (Evil Geniuses Academy, Top) – 740LP
  5. Jesper “Zven” Svenningsen (Cloud9 Academy, Bot) – 725LP
  6. Alexey “rjs” Zatorski (Bogged, Mid) – 650LP
  7. Choi “Mia” Sang-in (Estral Esports, Support) – 635LP
  8. Jonathan “Armao” Armao (Team Liquid Academy, Jungle) – 630LP
  9. Colin “Kumo” Zhao (FlyQuest, Top) – 625LP
  10. Niship “Dhokla” Doshi (CLG Academy, Top) – 605LP

The Champions Queue spring season is divided into three splits. Split 1 ran from Feb. 7 toMar. 7. After a short break, Split 2 will begin on Mar. 14 and continue until Apr. 11. The third and final split for the spring season will run between Apr. 18 and May 23.

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