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Five lucky people will be able to go head to head with one of the best players in the CS:GO community.  The professional player, Taco will be at Verizon Theatre ready to play against the winners of this unprecedented contest. It’s all going to happen during the ESL Pro League Finals Dallas 2018.

How to enter

The people who win on social media will be getting a ticket to the event. Only two people will be selected this way though. The other three people are going to be picked out from the audience, so if you’re in the audience, the chances of you winning are slightly better. To ensure that you can get your chance at being part of this event, you should follow both accounts and get in on all the options to win. It’s sure to be a treat!

Prize pool

The prize pool for the people who are selected is pretty good because the first place individual gets to walk home with a beautiful Intel i7 8700K. That processor has some kick to it, in fact, the rating on Newegg is literally capped out at five. The tech is quite good and boasts an Operating Frequency of 3.7 GHz but can go to 4.7 GHz under Max Turbo Frequency. It has been reported that to be able to get one of these puppies the person would need to be “The person to take the most rounds, or frags, off Taco in a 1o-n-1.” The second prize isn’t as flashy but is still memorable (and is actually the same as the third place prize). The people that manage to get into either of these categories will be getting Team Liquid jerseys that are autographed by Taco.

A fight to remember

The odds are not in their favor, but this moment will warm the hearts of those who win because they will forever have a memory of them going up against a professional.  Even if they did lose, it would likely be an honor to play against one of the pros of CS:GO. It is something that’s dreamed about by so many people in the game and is even the topic of the many late nights within in-game chats with randoms.

On the other hand, if the players win against Taco, they could find themselves being called the professionals. There’s little doubt that under the assumption of them winning, Taco would find himself an immortalized meme tribute to one of these historic moments in CS:GO history. The CS:GO community is certainly going to be chatting about each and every move taken by everyone who gets this opportunity. The people who suddenly become pros will be yelling in the audience and the hopeful bunch will be crossing everything in their body while rooting for the underdog or maybe Taco. It’s going to be a fascinating little event that is sure to be remembered for a very long time to come.

Photo credit: CybBet