TSM CEO responds to criticism over phone call controversy
tsm regi reginald responds to leena call controversy with doublelift and dardoch

TSM CEO responds to criticism over phone call controversy

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Team SoloMid (TSM) owner and CEO Andy “Reginald” Dinh has responded to the recent controversy involving TSM President Leena Xu. The response comes after a clip went viral of Leena discussing TSM jungler Joshua “Dardoch” Hartnett’s private business matters. This situation took place behind Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng’s stream, exposing details of the call to thousands of viewers. Reginald acknowledged the issues at hand and gave insight into the entire situation.

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Reginald posted the response on his Twitter account, linking to a Twitlonger post. He opened the statement acknowledging the criticism involving TSM and said he wanted to share an update with the community.

Reaching out to Dardoch

He began addressing the main issue at hand, stating: “I want to personally apologize to our community for how we’ve managed the communication of Dardoch’s transfer.” He expressed that TSM has always intended to treat players well, and they will do better in the future. Additionally, Reginald stated he reached out to apologize to Dardoch personally and that TSM is taking action to mend the issue.

Doublelift and Leena

One of the biggest issues buzzing around the professional League of Legends community is the possible conflict of interest between Leena and Doublelift. Both of them are in a relationship, although it is usually tolerated in many American organizations. To make matters a bit more complicated, Leena and Reginald used to date some time ago as well. Since all three professionals are working for the same organization, things may look a bit messy to outsiders. Reginald defended Leena and Doublelift’s relationship, stating “there is no financial benefit or working benefit from their relationship,” and they are both the “very best candidates for their positions.”

No privacy for players?

He also addressed questions surrounding Doublelift’s exposure to sensitive information as Leena’s boyfriend. He assured that this information is not new to anyone on TSM, saying “Dardoch’s position change is not privileged information within our company.” This point raised some eyebrows, as readers started questioning whether players have any business-related privacy under the organization.

Additionally, he mentioned that Leena works only for TSM’s operations and has no power over roster changes and salaries. Many are skeptical of this explanation. Some users, including former TSM Head Coach KC “Woodbuck” Woods, dug back to old screenshots of Leena discussing roster changes and team decisions in the past.

Moreover, Woodbuck admitted on Twitter that he doesn’t agree with everything Leena has done, stating she sometimes lacks professionalism. Although these are some negative opinions, he does state that she is hardworking and business-savvy. After his departure from the team, he hoped TSM would have changed its unprofessional ways but believes they are still “all kids.”

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