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Following the Call of Duty League launch event, the League revealed its schedule for future events. This led to some concerns after fans noticed that the Chicago Huntsmen and Atlanta FaZe, currently considered the top two teams in the CDL, would not be placed in the same groups. Thus, they would only face one another in finals matches. Some feared this was done solely to raise viewership for these events.

Fortunately, the CDL has quickly responded to these concerns, claiming that it was an error on their website.

Yesterday, on January 27th, the community discovered an issue on our league website and in broadcast graphics, where the schedule was not being displayed accurately. We have now updated the website to reflect the correct groups and schedule.

CDL schedule changes

We will first see the updates to the League’s groups and schedule at the Dallas home series. There, the CDL has moved the match between Optic Gaming LA and Dallas Empire to Group B. Meanwhile, they have placed the match between the London Royal Ravens and Atlanta FaZe in Group A. This should help alleviate the aforementioned concerns, as the match between the Chicago Huntsmen and New York Subliners also rests in Group A for this event.

Similarly, mistakes made to the Toronto schedule means that Toronto Ultra will no longer go against the LA Guerrillas. Instead, the Ultra will battle against Optic Gaming LA.

The Call of Duty League addressed these issues on their website, where an updated schedule is now available. They thanked fans for alerting them to this errors, stating, “We appreciate the community raising the concern and identifying the schedule copy errors. Moving forward, we are adding further checks to ensure our information being displayed publicly is accurate.”

The next CDL event will take place in London from Feb. 8 to Feb. 9. To find out more information on the latest esports news, make sure to keep up with Daily Esports.