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The Call of Duty League published its first-ever community update video on Jan. 11. General Manager Daniel Tsay discussed some of the major CDL talking points and fan concerns brought up by members of the community, including the season’s late start date and the rumors that Warzone was being considered as a third game mode for official matches.

Among the chief talking points was a confirmation of the CDL moving to a 12-team format at each Major and reaffirming Control as the league’s third game mode. The league also denied Ian “Crimsix” Porter’s previous claims that Warzone was one vote away from being the third game mode.

CDL Community Update No. 1

Along with the video, the CDL also published a blog post detailing the content of the video and new information about the 2022 season. Here’s a breakdown of the points included in the blog on the CDL website:

  • 12 teams at each Major
  • Predetermined schedule for all online matches in the 2022 season
  • Major bracket reverts back to loser-bracket format
  • Control confirmed as the third game mode
  • Patch to fix Control in Vanguard coming later this week, per Sledgehammer Games
  • Silent Plant in Search and Destroy disabled
  • Destructible environment toggle enabled (allowing for breakable doors and windows to be turned off in private matches)
  • Ranked Play in Vanguard coming soon with more information “in a few weeks”
  • Pro-AM tournament in 2022
  • CDL Warzone event in 2022
  • CDL to start the 2023 season closer to the launch of this year’s Call of Duty title

CDL transparency with the community update

There’s a ton to unpack with this community update. The CDL has stated they understand owner and fan concerns over multiple issues, such as ranked play, an earlier season start date and technical bugs within Vanguard. While some of these problems weren’t given a concrete timetable, it appears that CDL officials are trying to address issues with transparency.

Vanguard’s upcoming update, which goes live on Jan. 12 at 12 a.m. ET, should introduce the changes to Control and other competitive bug fixes. Daniel Tsay specifically mentioned the spawns and Control progress bar as the main issues being fixed. Search and Destroy should also become more playable with Silent Plant enabled and the possible removal of destructible environments.

We should see Control in action at the CDL Kickoff Classic, which begins on Jan. 21. After that, 12 teams will continue to be at each Major event, with the three-week long qualifier matches taking place online prior. These matches will be set ahead of time to ensure strength of schedule remains a factor in seeding. However, the league has reverted back to the Major bracket format from last year, where the bottom four teams start in the loser’s bracket.

More community updates should follow around the time of each Major event.

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