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The first Home Series of the Call of Duty League took place in London and concluded with the Chicago Huntsmen taking the victory. After the event, the five top plays from across the weekend were selected by the Call of Duty League. These were put into a video and uploaded on the official Call of Duty League YouTube channel. The video showcases the talent of the players involved in the league and gives an outline of the action-packed weekend.

Number 5

At number five, a Hardpoint game between the Chicago Huntsmen and Paris Legion is nearing the end and the score appears to be incredibly close. The Paris Legion player Denholm “Denz” Taylor is in the hardpoint and runs out of ammo. Consequently, he switches to his pistol and manages to take out two Chicago Huntsmen players. This play allowed Denz to keep the hardpoint contested, whilst waiting for his team mates to respawn and make their way back to the hardpoint.

Number 4

The next play was made by London Royal Ravens’ Bradley “Wuskin” Marshall in the semi-final against the Dallas Empire. The main AR for the Royal Ravens managed to flank behind the Dallas Empire who were in the hardpoint. This resulted in him gaining a three-piece and the London Royal Ravens gaining control of the hardpoint.

Top 5 plays from CDL London include the London Royal Ravens and Dallas Empire

Number 3

The play ranked at number three is from the same above match. This sees the player Rhys “Rated” Price being the only player able to attack the Dallas Empire from behind, and he successfully breaks the hardpoint. The importance of this play cannot be overlooked as it resulted in the London Royal Ravens taking the map.

Number 2

A group play match between the Chicago Huntsmen and Dallas Empire took second place. The players Ian “Crimsix” Porter and Dylan “Envoy” Hannon were left in a 1v1 in Piccadilly Search and Destroy. Crimsix manages to plant the explosives with less than a second to spare. After this, Crimsix appears to snap onto Envoy standing at the top window. This impressive play led to Dallas Empire taking the round.

Number 1

Lastly, the best play of the weekend was made in the Grand Final that saw the Chicago Huntsmen and Dallas Empire battle it out for first place. The play that has been placed at number one sees Pierce “Gunless” Hillman in a 1v3 situation in Search and Destroy. He was able to get a kill on the player defusing the bomb. In the heat of the moment, the player stopped defusing and began defusing again with minimal time remaining until the bomb exploded. Proceeding this, Gunless got a kill on another player who was moving onto the bomb site. After only having 3 bullets left in his MP5, he switched to his pistol and killed the player defusing the bomb with just two seconds to spare.

With various exciting moments and plays made across the two-day event, let us know which was your favorite! To keep up with all Call of Duty coverage, stay tuned with Daily Esports.