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The Call of Duty League Challengers season begins soon, but players aren’t ready to start. One player tweeted out a list of requests the community want met in conjunction with asking for a delay to the start of the season. These requests include some changes to the current state of Call of Duty: Vanguard. The players as a whole are apparently on board with this decision.

Current CDL Challengers player Tom “GRVTY” Malin was the one speaking for the scene. Many other Challenge players responded to the announcement with approval. Chris “Parasite” Duarte and Casey “Pandur” Romano are among the players to agree with GRVTY.

The first CDL Challengers Cup begins on December 4, which marks the beginning of the Challengers season. It’s unclear if players will play if their requests for Vanguard are not met by the start date.

CDL Challengers ask for additions to Vanguard

GRVTY announced the intentions of the Challengers players on Twitter over the weekend. He began by saying “on behalf of all Call of Duty Challengers players,” in a tweet to the competition organizer for the CDL Matthew “DotZeb” Zaborowski. It appears that GRVTY got majority approval to go ahead with his tweet that included the players’ requests.

The tweet asks for the addition of a concrete third game mode, Search and Destroy patches and fixes for other bugs within Vanguard. The issues with Search and Destroy are particularly concerning, as players can clearly hear when enemies plant and defuse the bomb. The CDL has not yet announced a third game mode for Vanguard. Players are assuming it will be either Domination or Control, but the latter hasn’t been added to Vanguard.

Finally, there are a number of bugs in Vanguard that make playing competitive matches inconsistent. To top things off, the current ruleset for competitive Vanguard isn’t correct.

GRVTY requested the league delay the first Challengers Cup on December 4 until these issues are resolved. DotZeb responded to GRVTY’s tweet.

“Acknowledged & understood,” DotZeb said. “Work has been on a hard pause bc ABK gave everyone the week off. Bringing this & other feedback to the team Monday. Not too thrilled either. It is wild how many things can pop up out of my control at the last minute (sorry APAC please hold tight!).”

On Tuesday afternoon, the Call of Duty League announced that the start of the first Challengers Cup is being moved to Dec. 11. This ensures players will start their competitive year after Season 1 of Vanguard launches. There’s no indication if the Season 1 update will include the changes Challenger players have requested, however.