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The Call of Duty League’s most prominent amateur team, WestR, has gone through even more roster changes ahead of Challengers Elite Stage 2. Earlier in the month, the squad dropped its founder but the team has seen several additional roster alterations since then.

WestR began the Black Ops Cold War season by dominating every amateur team in the Challengers scene. The roster even took on some professional CDL teams with minor success. However, in early March, the majority of the squad felt that a change was necessary after a lackluster performance at the Stage 1 Playoffs.

This culminated in the release of the organization’s founder, Alex “Zaptius” Bonilla. Though, a couple of weeks later, Captious was put back on the roster. But, this doesn’t even begin to describe the whirlwind the team has been through in that time.

WestR adds former world champion for Stage 2

According to the tweet above, WestR has added Chris “Parasite” Duarte to the roster. Parasite stepped in for the London Royal Ravens’ professional roster for the past few CDL events. However, his performance wasn’t up to par and it appears the Ravens have sent him back to the Challengers scene.

Parasite’s addition to WestR means a couple of things. The first is a rumor that former WestR player, Paul “PaulEhx” Avila, has joined the Royal Ravens professional roster in place of Parasite. London hasn’t confirmed this, even though Stage 2 is only days away, but the news is all but official. PaulEhx has been seen scrimmaging with the roster in recent days. @IntelCallofDuty was the first to report this rumor.

Since PaulEhx left WestR, a roster spot was open which initially went to former L.A. Guerrillas player, Jacob “Decemate” Cato. In WestR’s tweet above, they originally announced Decemate’s arrival. However, only a day later, Decemate was replaced with Parasite.

It’s unclear what caused the sudden roster change but it appears that, for now, the WestR roster is set for Stage 2. According to Parasite, the roster is as follows:

Whether this roster stays together for more than a week or two is yet to be seen.

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