Can the M4A1-S be great again in CS:GO?
Image Credit: Bethesda
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m4a1-s buff CS:GO M4A4 AUG

Can the M4A1-S be great again in CS:GO?

This article is over 5 years old and may contain outdated information

With the newest update to CS:GO, the AUG nerf and new case were the things that stole the spotlight. However, the patch included numerous changes to the weapons and gameplay. Amidst those changes came an interesting buff for the M4A1-S, a weapon that we have seen fewer and fewer pros and players choose over the AUG or even the M4A4. However, Valve has been well at work to make the silenced M4 a viable choice again with the newest patch.

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Why do most pick the M4A4 instead of the M4A1-S?

So why haven’t we seen many use the M4A1-S? It’s still an M4, right? It has the added silencer that makes you invisible on the mini-map when shooting, which is great. It’s even got an easier spray pattern! Unfortunately, there are a few distinct drawbacks.

First of all, the fire rate. The M4A4 clocks in at a devilish 666 rounds-per-minute (rpm) while the silenced sibling checks in at an even 600 rpm. While that isn’t a massive difference, it’s still a difference nonetheless. Especially for accurate players, landing all your shots with the M4A4 to the same exact body parts as with the M4A1-S will result in killing your opponent faster with the M4A4. This is enough for most to opt for the M4A4, especially on the pro scene.

Secondly, because of the silencer, the weapon is much longer than its sibling. This means that your character model will be more visible behind some boxes and walls if you’re facing your gun to the side. Additionally, while walking out behind a door or opening, you may be spotted faster by enemies camping behind such doorways. This may be a split second or two, but it can make a difference against more skilled opponents that have high reaction times.

Finally, the major reason for the M4A1-S’s inferiority is its magazine size. Last year, Valve already increased the reserve mag size from 40 up to 60, meaning players would have three reserve mags instead of two while retaining 20 bullets in one mag. This did not make a huge difference, however.

A new deal for M4A1-S

Fortunately, for players that love their Knight or Icarus Fell skins, the recent patch buffed aspects of mag size yet again. Now the M4A1-S has an extended mag, getting bumped from 20 to 25, and increased reserve mag, from 60 to 75.

M4A1-S and the increased mag sizes

This is a major buff since CS:GO players won’t have to worry about ammunition conservation as much anymore. It still is 5 and 15 fewer bullets than that of the M4A4 (30 in mag and 90 in reserve). Despite that, the difference is minimal now, and many may finally be convinced to whip out that old Chantico’s Fire that has been sitting in their inventory gathering dust.

Is the M4A1-S back in business?

The answer is maybe. With the AUG getting a higher price, the counter-terrorists will not be able to buy the AUG all the time, unless they sacrifice a flashbang. Now it is down to the players to decide whether the inferior fire rate and slightly smaller mag size are good trade-offs for the silencer and an easier spray pattern. After all, it all comes down to personal preference and whatever you feel best with.

Are you going to opt for the M4A1-S in CS:GO now that it has an increased mag? Do you think it’s good that Valve is rooting for it to get back to the meta? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments below! For more content, make sure to check back often!