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The two main issues currently plaguing Call of Duty: Warzone are bugs/glitches and hackers. The former has been the bigger topic of concern for the past couple of weeks. However, Infinity Ward is slowly patching the glitches one by one. Hackers have been an issue in Warzone since the beginning but there was a period during Season 5 where things were calmer on that front. That calmness seems to have gone away, however, and has been replaced with an onslaught of cheaters.

An increase in Warzone hackers

The recent increase in hackers seems to have been brought about by the most recent update. The small patch, which was designed to eliminate the demon-gun glitch, may have opened the floodgates for cheaters to once again rampage through Verdansk.

Over the past couple of days, reports from high-profile streamers and casual players alike have complained about an increase in hackers. Many believe the recent update in Warzone may have accidentally unbanned the accounts of various cheaters. However, there’s no current evidence of that occurring.

Nonetheless, there are definitely more hackers than there were previously in Season 5. Multiple Call of Duty streamers have attested to the same thing.

There’s no official evidence that there’s a rise in cheaters. Although, the sentiment is felt across the community and can’t be a mere coincidence. Perhaps Infinity Ward really did accidentally unban the accounts of those that were previously banned for hacking. Or, maybe the new update made the Anti-Cheat software easier to bypass.

Either way, if there really is an increase in hackers, then Infinity Ward needs to get on top of it quickly. Players don’t need another reason to stop playing Warzone.

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