Call of Duty: Warzone June 30 update patch notes
Warzone June 30 update patch notes
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Call of Duty: Warzone June 30 update patch notes

A new update in Season 4

Just a week after Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4 was released, and we already have our first update and set of patch notes. Developer Raven Software has wasted no time making adjustments to Season 4, namely delivering weapon balancing updates. On top of the weapon changes, there were also some bugs squashed as well as much-needed quality of life improvements.

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In this article, we’ll be going over the most important parts of the patch notes, which players can view below. Players can read every detail of the patch notes in Raven Software’s newest blog post.

Warzone June 30 patch notes

The first thing that many players will notice in the patch notes are the multiple changes to high-profile weapons. The NZ-41, UGM-8, H4 Blixen, and Marco-5 have all been adjusted in some shape or fashion with this update. We’ll lay out those weapons’ specific changes below.

NZ-41 (VG)

  • Lower Torso Damage Multiplier decreased to 1.0, down from 1.1

UGM-8 (VG)

  • Muzzle Velocity decreased by 4%

H4 Blixen (VG)

  • Max Damage Range decreased to 9.92 meters, down from 12.46 meters
  • Mid Damage Range decreased to 17.3 meters, down from 19.84 meters

Marco 5 (VG)

  • Hipfire Accuracy decreased when in crouch or prone position

Essentially all of these weapons were nerfed in some regard. The NZ-41 didn’t get as big of a nerf as some players wanted; the gun has been rampaging Warzone thanks to its non-existent recoil and high damage. The UGM-8 also didn’t get a recoil nerf, only a small muzzle velocity decrease. However, the H4 Blixen was nerfed heavily, seeing its mid and max damage range decreased considerably. Each of these weapons also had some alterations to individual attachments, which players can view on Raven Software’s blog post linked above as well.

Speaking of attachments, three universal attachments received nerfs as well.


  • Muzzle Velocity decreased to 8%, down from 10%

MX Silencer

  • Muzzle Velocity decreased to 12%, down from 15%

M1941 Handstop 

  • Recoil Control decreased to 3.5%, down from 4%

Since all of these attachments see wide use across multiple weapon classes, these changes might alter some popular loadouts in Warzone Season 4.

That’s all of the important patch notes for the June 30 update in Warzone. There should be another update coming sometime next week, which we will keep players in the know about right here.

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