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Yesterday, Activision released the official Season 1 roadmap for Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone Pacific, which included standard additions like new multiplayer maps, weapons and game modes. However, a new lethal grenade coming to Vanguard multiplayer is already highly intriguing.

The lethal grenade is called the Special Incendiary, and it explodes into a ball of fire when it comes into contact with the ground. There was some initial confusion about how this would fit in multiplayer, as there are already three different fire-type grenades in multiplayer. However, attention quickly turned to how powerful the new Vanguard grenade seems to be.

New Special Incendiary grenade could be a problem in Vanguard

The exact description for the Special Incendiary grenade was listed on the Call of Duty Season 1 blog. It describes the new grenade as follows: “A handheld and extremely limited version of the Firebombing Run Killstreak, the Incendiary Grenade deals a small burst of damage within a large radius at the detonation point, then deals burn damage every second to those who stay within its range.”

The phrase “small burst of damage” makes the grenade sound relatively tame. The Thermite Grenade currently in Vanguard does virtually the same thing and players have learned how to counter that. However, the narrative of the Special Incendiary grenade shifts when players see exactly what it does.

That initial explosion doesn’t seem like a small burst of damage. Instead, the ensuing fire after hitting the ground takes up several feet. It also doesn’t appear to take long to kill players if they stay in the fire for a couple of seconds.

The comments of this video and other posts on social media called for some changes in Vanguard after this video was posted. There were some calls for a buff to the Fortified perk and others that requested a Trophy System. The Trophy System is a tactical piece of equipment included in previous Call of Duty titles that stops grenades from exploding which currently does not exist Vanguard. This caused quite a stir prior to the game’s release.

Season 1 of Vanguard releases on Wednesday. Players can unlock the Special Incendiary grenade at Tier 39 of the Battle Pass and see for themselves how powerful it is.

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