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Call of Duty: Vanguard Season 1 is shortly coming up on the calendar and leaks are starting to roll in. The most recent leak comes from a reputable Twitter account that updates players on updates coming to the PlayStation. Over the weekend, the account revealed the update size for Season 1 of Vanguard, at least for the PlayStation, as well as a featured image for the season. The image gives players some interesting information about what Season 1 of Vanguard could bring.

Since the image is still the licensed property of Activision, it will not be shown in this article. However, players can look at it on the @PlayStationSize2 Twitter account, where it originated. While the image doesn’t tell players anything concrete, it does open the door for some discussion surrounding the upcoming installment.

Vanguard Season 1 update and content revealed

For starters, the update size of the Season 1 patch looks to be around 40-41 GB on PlayStation. This should be roughly what players on Xbox and PC can expect when the update goes live on Dec. 8.

As for the content of Season 1, the leaked image from PlayStationSize showcases three Operators, three weapons and a possible new map. The three Operators were actually leaked earlier this month. According to the rumors, the Operators look to be named Anna, Lewis and Francis. Each of the Operators is wearing a unique skin, which is likely what they’ll be wearing on the Battle Pass or in the Store as a bundle. It’s still unclear whether the Operators will be added to Vanguard’s current slate of unlockable characters or if players can simply buy them.

Moving on to the weapons, things aren’t as clear. The weapon Anna is holding looks to be the Grease Gun SMG from COD WWII while the far-right weapon could be the Lee Enfield sniper rifle. Finally, the weapon in the middle of the image could be some kind of AR/SMG hybrid, but there isn’t a clear view of it.

Call of Duty Grease Gun
The Grease Gun from WWII. | Provided by Activision

The last element of the leaked image is the background, which could be a new multiplayer map. However, it could also be a reference to the upcoming Caldera map in Warzone. Both maps are tropical and near a beach so the reference would make sense from that point of view. Of course, there could also be a multiplayer map in Season 1 that simply matches Caldera’s overall theme.

Players should see more details about Season 1 in early December, with it launching on Dec. 8.