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In a world of controversy on social media, nothing should really surprise the community anymore. However, a small-time Call of Duty streamer may have just done exactly that. Recently, an argument on Twitter spiraled out of control when two Call of Duty players butted heads. Stemming from a competitive match for Pro Points, the aforementioned streamer took things way too far when he called out his combatant for having a mother who passed away. In a swift move for justice though, the streamer’s organization immediately dropped him after numerous reports came in from the community.

Call of Duty streamer comes under fire for controversial tweet

The situation began in the wee hours of this morning when two competitive Call of Duty players met in an online match. The match was for Pro Points, which is a competitive ladder on GameBattles.

After this particular match was over, one of the participants took to Twitter to call out a member of the opposing team, who was streaming at the time. The tweet wasn’t very mean-spirited and definitely didn’t deserve much of a response.

Of course, the response this player got was totally uncalled for and out of line. Warning: the tweet below contains graphic language.


It seems that the player who originally sent the tweet lost the match and sent a tweet asking why the player of the opposing was so excited about it. Then, the streamer who was called out sent the distasteful tweet you see above.

Obviously, there’s absolutely no reason to bring someone’s family into a meaningless spat on Twitter. However, the streamer took it to an even worse level with what he said.

Upon seeing this tweet, the Call of Duty community immediately reported him to his organization, VexX Gaming. Professional player Chris “Simp” Lehr even called out the streamer for his actions. Fortunately, VexX Gaming saw the reports and released him from the organization.

This was definitely the right move, as there’s no place for that kind of language in any setting.

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