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Another veteran Call of Duty player is deciding to hang up their controller prior to the 2022 season. Ulysses “AquA” Silva, formerly of the Paris Legion, announced today that he’s no longer going to compete in the Call of Duty League. He cited not receiving a spot in the 2022 CDL as the reasoning behind this choice. AquA was released from Paris following the end of the 2021 season. However, he also is seemingly excited for the future, which will include creating content.

AquA has long been considered an underrated pro in the Call of Duty scene. While he didn’t always put up the godliest of numbers, he was an extremely consistent player that won tournaments with some solid squads. He most notably played on the Rise Nation team in Infinite Warfare that took home the CWL Las Vegas Open as well as playing on Team Revenge in Advanced Warfare. He finishes his career with a single major championship to his name.

Aqua calls it quits as a player in the Call of Duty League

Announced through a Twitlonger, Aqua started off by saying he didn’t want to retire this way. However, he didn’t receive any starting spots on a CDL roster for the 2022 season. Like many other retired pros, he didn’t want to go through the gauntlet that is Challengers in order to potentially land another starting spot.

Instead, AquA revealed that he’s turning to content, mainly streaming battle royale titles like Warzone. Although, he didn’t rule out coming back to the competitive scene.

“I’ve always loved BR games and that’s the route I’ll be taking but also I would love to stick around in the comp scene if any teams need an assistant coach I will be willing to take any opportunity that’s given,” AquA said.

The former Legion player also stated that he’s looking to join an organization as a streamer for the next iteration of Warzone. Whatever route AquA does end up taking, he’s retiring as a professional player that is known for being a great teammate and an underrated Main AR.