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According to CDL Intel sources, professional Call of Duty (COD) players met with the Call of Duty League (CDL) today to discuss removing Domination, although the ultimate result of the meeting is currently unknown. The classic game mode is based around the objective of controlling all points on a map. There are typically three control points scattered around the map that players must capture. In professional Call of Duty, there are two six-minute rounds per map.

Domination isn’t a fan favorite in the Call of Duty League

Despite Domination’s longstanding history in Call of Duty games, it’s not exactly the most enthralling to spectate, including in the latest entry, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Domination is featured in every best-of-three match in the CDL as a tie-breaker. Generally speaking, the mode’s pace and rule set can be challenging for the casual viewer to follow. Additionally, popular opinion is that Domination is particularly boring when it becomes mathematically impossible for one team to beat another before the start of the second half. With that in mind, fans and players alike have discussed removing Domination from the rotation completely.

At present, fans on Twitter approve of removing Domination. It’s assumed that Capture the Flag (CTF) would replace Domination in the map pool. For the most part, professional players could theoretically make an easy transition because they’re familiar with the mode. On the other hand, squads have practiced Domination since before the start of the season.

The meeting comes at an interesting time. CDL is well underway; it’s been nearly six months since the league started. It’s curious that a session discussing massive changes would take place as deeply into the season as it has. In the meantime, it’s unlikely the CDL will remove Domination from the map rotation. In any event, we may see game mode changes coming up in the next season.

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