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The upcoming Call of Duty League is starting to get in full swing as the offseason begins. Today, the New York team in the Call of Duty League announced that they have signed two members to their team. While these aren’t actual players, they will impact the roster and inaugural season.

There are currently nine cities signed up for the first season of the CDL. Almost all of them have positions filled in various parts of the organization, but players won’t be able to sign until after Modern Warfare releases.

Who did COD NY sign?

The first of these two signings is a coach, being John “RevanJB” Boble. Revan is a former professional COD player and commentator and was the coach of Evil Genuises in Black Ops 4. Revan is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to strategies and is a respected veteran of the scene. Most agree this is a solid signing for COD NY.

Next up, New York signed JP Krez as an analyst for the team. Krez worked with MLG this past season in the same type of role as a statistics producer. Before MLG, he worked as an independent stats enthusiast for Call of Duty, posting interesting stats to his Twitter.

While his role isn’t as defined as Revan’s, we can assume Krez will be responsible for gathering data on the NY team and other teams. Knowing how much Hardpoint time a specific team gets on a certain hill is very useful information Krez can relay to the NY roster.

Both Krez and Revan are now a part of the COD NY team but can’t do much until rosters are finalized. However, with a veteran like Revan on board, New York should have an easier time picking out talent than other cities.

What do you think about the upcoming CDL? Let us know in the comments below. Stay tuned to Daily Esports for all Call of Duty coverage.