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The starting rosters for Call of Duty League teams are starting to come to fruition. Earlier today, Call of Duty London filled out their starting five after announcing three of Europe’s most known players a couple of weeks ago. While London was one of last announced CDL teams, they are among the first to complete their roster. Along with that, they also have filled out their two coaching spots.

Only a couple of days after their inception, London announced three separate signings, Skrapz, Wuskin, and Dylan. They also revealed two coaching signings in Shane (Strategical Coach) and Joee (Head Coach).

London fills out their starting roster

Making two announcements in two days, London is the second CDL team to complete their starting roster. New York was the first, announcing their five a couple of days ago.

The last two players added to London’s roster are Jordan “jurd” Crowley and Rhys “Rated” Price. This was the expected announcement for London as their full roster has been rumored for weeks.


Jurd has been a mainstay on Splyce’s Call of Duty roster since 2016. Known as one of the best players in Europe, Jurd consistently places well no matter the roster he plays with.

As for Rated, his time in Call of Duty has been a bit rockier. Apart of the failed Red Reserve squad during Black Ops 4, he found himself competing under UNITS for a majority of last year. Rated is known for being a good teammate and solid main AR.


London is expected to sign at least two more European players before the CDL begins in early 2020. However, it is currently unknown which players London is targeting for their substitute spots.

It is assumed London will wait until other CDL teams announce their signings to target any players. They could also wait until Modern Warfare releases and scout players who are talented at the game.

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