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A Call of Duty insider recently leaked the possible release date of the next title in the series, rumored to be named Modern Warfare II. Previous leaks surrounding the title have claimed that the 2022 game will be a sequel to Modern Warfare 2019.

The title is being developed by Infinity Ward and has had a full three-year development. Leaks have stated that the developers are taking a CS:GO-inspired approach to designing multiplayer maps, among other things. It seems that things on the development front could be ahead of schedule, though. According to one recent leak, the release date for Modern Warfare II is slated for October, 2022.

Modern Warfare II’s release

The insider in question is Tom Henderson, a reputable leaker who has accurately reported on many aspects in Call of Duty. Still, as with any other leak, players should take the leaked information with a grain of salt.

Henderson states that Modern Warfare II could be revealed sometime during the summer of 2022. This would supposedly be followed by a release date in October, which is roughly when Modern Warfare 2019 was released. Henderson claims the reason for an earlier release date is due to Vanguard’s “poor sales performance.” Vanguard and Black Ops Cold War in 2020 were both released in early November. It seems Activision could want Vanguard’s life cycle to end earlier than expected, though.

The leaker also says that a “big” Warzone update will arrive shortly after Modern Warfare II is released. This was all but expected, as Warzone will need to be integrated with the new title — as it has been the last two years.

It should be some time before fans get to hear any official news on COD 2022. However, leaks should continue to slowly roll in before then.

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