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The Call of Duty League announced that two maps in the current rotation are being replaced, effective immediately, in favor of two DLC maps.

The CDL telegraphed this change when professional players were seen scrimmaging the new maps last week. Crossroads Hardpoint and Garrison Search and Destroy are being removed, while Garrison is still in the Hardpoint and Control rotation. In the place of those maps, Apocalypse Hardpoint and Express Search and Destroy have entered the rotation as fan-favorite maps.

Call of Duty League makes a swap before Stage 2

The general consensus behind the decision to remove the maps is fairly positive. Crossroads Hardpoint caused too much chaos since the spawns have a mind of their own, causing inconsistencies in matches. Garrison Search and Destroy, on the other hand, was just extremely difficult to play. Sight lines heavily favor the defense and there are certain areas on the map that simply don’t cater to Search and Destroy.

In terms of the new additions, players have only practiced Apocalypse Hardpoint for around a week. However, the pros have expressed positive feelings regarding the map, especially since the spawns seem to make more sense. That’s always a bonus for Hardpoint maps.

With Express Search and Destroy, players and longtime fans know what they’re getting. The Black Ops 2 map was in the competitive rotation in 2012 and created some crazy moments in Search and Destroy. The map flows flawlessly and allows for both the offense and defense to make plays thanks to the different routes and sightlines.

Stage 2 of the Call of Duty League begins on March 18 with the Toronto Ultra Home Series. Both Apocalypse and Express will make their CDL debut then.

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