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The Call of Duty League has released details for its 2022 season on Thursday. The post includes information about the regular season, postseason, and the Kickoff Classic. The Call of Duty League officially begins on Feb. 4. 2022.

Call of Duty League reveals new details for next season

The Call of Duty League will feature 12 teams with four regular-season Majors and will be played on a hybrid LAN and online model. The Majors will be on LAN, but the qualifying matches will be online.

The Call of Duty League will feature three game modes. Hardpoint, which features a series of rotating objectives that teams have to defend. Search and Destroy, where teams are split into attacking and defending sides, and the attacking team must eliminate the defenders or detonate one of two bomb sites. The final mode is Control, the goal is for either team to capture or defend two zones without running out of lives.

Every Major will have four weeks of matches, and teams will play five prescheduled online matches against set teams for three weeks. In the final week, teams will play in a Live LAN event in front of fans. The first Major will be hosted by OpTic Texas.

Postseason updates

Eight teams will still enter playoffs, but instead of the top two seeds getting byes, and the bottom two teams starting in the lower bracket, all the teams will start in the first round of the winners’ bracket.

In between the regular season and the post-season, the League will also have a midseason tournament. The Call of Duty League will introduce a Pro-Am tournament as well as a Call of Duty: Warzone event featuring pros, streamers, and other influencers.

Opening weekend and the Kickoff Classic

The Kickoff Classic presented by Zenni Gaming will take place Jan. 21 – 23, 2022. It will feature all 12 teams battling on LAN with a live audience in attendance at Esports Stadium Arlington in Texas.

the 2022 season will officially start on Feb. 4 – 6, 2022 with these first matches being played online.

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