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Following the Stage 1 Major, the professional players in the Call of Duty League have banned the use of the XM4 assault rifle. This is the latest addition to a long list of bans, otherwise known as “Gentleman’s Agreements.” 

Gentleman’s Agreements, or G.A.’s, are extremely common in professional Call of Duty. Players will traditionally vote on whether a specific weapon or item needs to be banned or not. If there’s a majority vote, that weapon or item won’t be used in future matches. Weapons are usually banned because they’re too powerful in their current state. 

The same fate seems to have landed upon the XM4, which was the most-used rifle in the CDL this past month.

CDL pros vote to G.A. the XM4

The decision to ban the XM4 arrived yesterday, not even 24 hours after the Stage 1 Major had concluded. There’s no insight into what sparked the decision or if a team spear-headed the vote. However, according to players and recent scrimmages, the XM4 is no longer in use in either the professional or the amateur scene. 

The agreement was tweeted about by a wide range of players, coaches and community members. However, perhaps the most vocal of the bunch were assault rifle players who are looking into what rifle they should use next. 

Some pros, like James “Clayster” Eubanks, suggested the QBZ-83 as the next main rifle. However, the general consensus is that the Krig-6 is the top dog in the AR category for league matches. 

After the initial wave of comments surrounding the XM4’s ban ended, another G.A. surfaced that had submachine gun and assault rifle players divided. According to players, the Muzzle and Spetsnaz Compensator on the AK-74u SMG are also banned.

While this may have been the correct decision, SMG players didn’t take too kindly to their attachments being banned. Although, AR players responded in kind, arguing that several of their actual weapons are on the G.A. list.

The Call of Duty League returns to action on March 18 for the Toronto Ultra Home Series and as of right now, there’s no clear-cut answer as to what rifle will replace the XM4. Fans can pay attention to professional scrimmages for the time being, but it’s likely the meta will change at least once prior to the next Home Series.

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