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The Call of Duty League (CDL) experienced more technical difficulties over the weekend at the London Home Series event. Players voiced their frustrations with the league over these issues, which led to fines and apologies from those involved. However, one lesser-known problem from the event was the use of unfair servers.  According to the Dallas Empire’s James “Clayster” Eubanks, the Grand Finals matchup wasn’t the fairest series. In fact, the Paris Legion was forced to play on a Texas server, which is where all of the Empire are located. Many are calling for more servers to be added for the CDL postseason.

Players speak out against CDL servers

Since the league was forced to move to an online format, this was an issue that was bound to pop up. Although, it seems that the CDL has botched it more so than other professional esports leagues. Claims of laggy gameplay and unfair server connections have been running rampant for weeks.

In the latest complaint, it seems the Paris Legion wasn’t even given a fighting chance in the Grand Finals of CDL London. Up against the Dallas Empire, Paris was already an underdog. However, they did claw their way into the finals, so momentum was high. That momentum was immediately wiped away once the server selection occurred, unfortunately.

According to Empire player Clayster, the two teams’ veto choices left Paris in a tough spot. Dallas chose to veto the California server since that’s where most of Paris’ roster reside. The Legion then selected to veto the Illinois server since it was farthest away from them. This left the teams to play on a Texas server, which is where all of Dallas’ roster lives.

Obviously, this gave Dallas a huge advantage in the series, which they eventually won 3-0. Clayster even acknowledges this advantage when talking to a Paris player on Twitter.

It’s the feeling of most CDL players that more servers need to be added. The Call of Duty League postseason begins in a month, and life-changing money is on the line. It would be extremely unfortunate to see a team lose a match due to a server advantage like we saw at CDL London. Hopefully, the Call of Duty League can figure out a way to resolve the issue by then.

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