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On May 5, The Call of Duty League announced the T-Mobile All-Star Weekend for May 22 through 23, 2021.  This event will include 1v1 and 4v4 battles between the best players in the league. Sixteen of these players will face off against one another for this weekend, the specific dates of which have not yet been revealed.

All-Star Weekend returns

For fans of the 2020 season, the All-Star Weekend has made some small changes. The number of players in the event have reduced from 32 to 16. However, 4v4 gunfights have been added, rather than the weekend consisting of solely 1v1 matches.

As of Wednesday, May 5, All-Stars have yet to be chosen. With the most successful teams, so far, being the Atlanta FaZe, the Toronto Ultra, the Dallas Empire and the LA Thieves, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see multiple players from those teams make it in.

With the event coming soon, the only question that remains is how the league will judge players that will be 2021 All-Stars. There are specific players from each team that have stood out so far this season. Of course, there also are players, like Cuyler “Huke” Garland, who’ve recently been traded and might be an exception. The question is whether these players will still be included despite not playing much for their new squads. Rules of All-Star selection have yet to be announced.

Prize pool not yet announced

Last year’s All-Star event had a $100,000 pool of money available to the winners of the 1v1 tournament. With this year’s changes to the format, no prize pool has been announced as of yet. The Call of Duty League may announce a prize pool closer to the start of the event, however.

Make sure to tune in to the Call of Duty League later this month to see the best of the best face-off against each other.

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