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American Gaming Network, an amateur tournament organizer, is currently hosting a LAN event for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. However, this news is coming after the organizers claimed that the event was online-only. According to AGN’s owner, the players were instructed to play from their home or their rental facility in Indianapolis, where the LAN was supposed to be held. However, thanks to videos and pictures taken at the event, we now know that AGN is stretching the truth about its “online-only” tournament.

American Gaming Network hosts Call of Duty LAN

Obviously, with the state of the world, LAN events are extremely dangerous to hold. For starters, the risk of spreading COVID-19 should be at the forefront of everyone’s mind. Naturally, all sporting events and esports events have made moves to ensure the safety of its players and fans.

Although, this didn’t seem to stop American Gaming Network’s latest tournament. While the organizers did say the event would be held online, pictures and videos of the event tell a different story. Below is a video of Saturday’s event.


Clearly, no social distancing is occurring, nor are safety precautions are being taken. Though, AGN did put up a nice sign to show that the tournament is in fact “online.”

It seems that AGN was able to work around the ruling set forth by Activision, which restricted any LAN events from occurring on Call of Duty. By making the event online, AGN seems to think that it can get away with gathering players in its arena.

AGN’s owner speaks out

The owner of American Gaming Network, Gage, is claiming the event is online. Some teams have even proved that they are playing the event from the comfort of their own home. However, according to Gage, other teams showed up to the arena ready to play and AGN couldn’t send them away.

It appears clear that AGN attempted to circumvent Activision’s ruling of not hosting a LAN by making the tournament online. While the organizers are vehemently denying having any part in having teams show up to the arena, they could have easily sent them away.

A majority of the community is calling for American Gaming Network to halt the LAN event. Whether the matches are played on LAN or online is irrelevant—the fact of the matter is dozens of people are in close proximity during the middle of a global pandemic. AGN shouldn’t have tried to host a LAN event in the first place, and now it seems the organizers are going to pay the consequences.

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